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Installing solar PV gives you the security with the ever increasing energy prices, allowing you to generate your own savings and hugely reduce household bills, on average the amount you save will cover the cost of the installation in under three years.

Not only does it increase your savings by reducing your annual energy bills by up to 80%, it reduces your reliance on fossil fuels and makes a positive impact on your Carbon Footprint.

- Lower your energy bills

- Improve energy efficiency

- Free heating of your water & home

- Earn income by selling the surplus back to the grid


With up to another 50% energy increase being announced for September There’s never been a better time to install Solar PV and Battery storage systems.

We have over 15 years experience in supplying and fitting renewables, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, training, customer service & workmanship.

Contact G&E Services now for a no obligation quote on:

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